Apocalypto on afdah

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  • Original Name: Apocalypto on afdah
  • Year:
  • Genre:
  • Director:
    Mel Gibson
  • Stars:
    Rudy Youngblood, Dalia Hernández, Jonathan Brewer, Morris Birdyellowhead, Carlos Emilio Báez, Amilcar Ramírez, Israel Contreras, Israel Ríos, María Isabel Díaz Lago, Espiridion Acosta Cache
  • Country: USA, Mexico, UK
  • Rating:
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Apocalypto full movie on afdah watch online free, In the Maya civilization, a peaceful tribe is brutally attacked by warriors seeking slaves and human beings for sacrifice for their gods. Jaguar Paw hides his pregnant wife and his son in a deep hole nearby their tribe and is captured while fighting with his people. An eclipse spares his life from the sacrifice and later he has to fight to survive and save his beloved family.